Vegan Pizza In Atlanta

Yes, Martha, not only is there vegan pizza in Atlanta, but vegan pizza with vegan CHEESE. Village Pizza in Cabbagetown keeps around vegan cheese and it’s even on the menu and everything. Along with fake meats. Monday I broke fast somewhat early with a village vegan deluxe pizza: fake pepperoni, italian sausage, ground beef, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives and cheese. Honestly I don’t remember the fake ham on there, but there was a whole lot of crap on that pizza so it could’ve been hiding. Verdict? It was too much stuff on the pizza. Next time I’ll probably just pick a couple of toppings. Crust was nice. It had a poofy edge and thin middle. Not soggy at all. Sauce needed a kick. I like my pizza sauce zesty and this wasn’t. Don’t fear the garlic and red pepper flakes! Overall, I make a better vegan pizza, but this was good and I’d eat it again. They also have salads, subs, pasta and sandwiches but make no mention of vegan versions of these on their menu.  Something to ask about next time.

Village Pizza Co. 186 Carroll St. Cabbagetown (is this kosher?), GA 30312 (404) 586-0040 11a-11p M-Sun