East Atlanta gets a farmers market

August 3rd was the launch date for a weekly farmers market in East Atlanta. It’ll be every Thursday 6-9PM through October. The first market brought a bunch of people out to the village. I’m not used to seeing that many people walking around, pushing babies, hanging out in groups, walking dogs. Not the stalls full of 3/$1 basil I was dreaming of, but I did come away with a cauliflower. Hopefully it’ll take off. I’ll definitely support it as much as I can.

a scanner darkly

as a scanner darkly ended, a guy in front of me said “wow, that was a weird movie.” *blink* was he expecting a light romantic comedy? a shoot-em-up? 2 hours of nothing but explosions? it’s a philip k. dick story, at an art theater, with some funky animation thing going on. maybe the statement was simply an “i didn’t get it” admission. that’s okay. you don’t have to. me? fucked with my head. got out of the movie an hour ago and i still feel like i’m not quite back in this world. now that’s what i like in a movie. a $6 ticket to an alternate reality. (no, movies aren’t cheaper in my country. i went to a matinee.)

moving in

you know, one of these days i need to actually learn a bit of sql. because, you see, that’s where all of my old posts are sitting. in a mysql database export. i can’t seem to convince them to be imported into here. in a way, it’s kind of liberating. there’s a lot of old crap in there. that’s what happens when you’ve been doing this blog thing for…almost 6 years.

oh yeah, and fuck comment spammers. they’ve taken all the fun out of it for people who used to just host a few blogs on a box like daniel. i appreciate that he hung in there as long as he did. hopefully this set-up won’t get hammered by spam bots. we’ll just have to see.

i’ll be sliding in some of the old features over the next few days (weeks if i’m lazy). and it’s likely i’ll be lazy, or busy, or something. i mean, i did just pull a stock template to use. i will say, it’s a pretty cool one though. don’t like the colors? poke “options” at the top there and set it how you like it. neat, eh?