An Interesting Radio Format

As I was driving through North Carolina entering the home stretch of my drive to my mom’s, I found an interesting radio station out of Greensboro. It’s called 98.7 Simon and their shtick is “we play anything.” And while I didn’t hear any gothic or industrial, I did hear anything from Salt & Pepa to Johnny Cash to Prince to Carol King to Queen and so on. It seems to be heavy on the 80s with a sprinkling of just about everything else. It’s almost like my ipod. You can listen online at their site apparently, but they make you register before they let you do that. It’s not THAT important to me. Besides, I have an ipod. But it was interesting to hear different format and it let me conserve ipod battery for a while so I could make it the rest of the way.

Bombay Dreams

When I saw that Bombay Dreams was coming to the Fox Theatre, I asked for some tickets at work. Bollywood extravaganza on stage. Sounds good, right? Well. I don’t know. It didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I didn’t care about any of the characters. And it hovered in that no man’s land between campy and just bad. There were some really nice dance numbers. Wonderful costumes. But to keep me entertained they really need to ratchet up the camp. So all in all, it had redeeming qualities, I was just a bit disappointed and glad I didn’t pay for tickets.