Warmer weather, lighter food

For some reason I’m not so much feeling like soups anymore. Maybe because in typical Atlanta fashion, we have moved from winter to summer with only a brief glimpse of spring. So far I’m holding out and refuse to turn on air conditioning in March. I think the highs are only supposed to be 80-ish (yes, only 80-ish!) so I should be able to hold out until April.

So the warmer weather has brought lighter food. Here is the Happy Hen Salad from Vegan Vittles next to a spinach salad with a few olives on the side.

happy hen salad from vegan vittles

This one is Sweet and Sour Vegetables from A Vegan Taste of Thailand. Instead of eating with rice, I used rice noodles. Some weird ones I had hanging around in my cabinet. They were about 3″ square sheets before cooked. Then as they cooked they rolled up. I kind of was looking forward to the big, flat, square noodles, but they were probably easier to eat this way. No, your eyes aren’t broken. the photo is a little blurry. Sorry about that.

sweet and sour vegetables from a vegan taste of thailand

The roof dog

As I was leaving the house to take Tak for a walk, something told me to grab my camera and put it in my pocket. And here’s why. The roof dog. He was running back and forth from one end of the roof to the other barking at us as we went by. Every once in a while he would peer over the edge and then think better of trying to make the jump. I’m sure there’s some kind of story behind this, but I don’t know what it is.

black dog on roof 1

black dog on roof 2

black dog on roof 3