Warmer weather, lighter food

For some reason I’m not so much feeling like soups anymore. Maybe because in typical Atlanta fashion, we have moved from winter to summer with only a brief glimpse of spring. So far I’m holding out and refuse to turn on air conditioning in March. I think the highs are only supposed to be 80-ish (yes, only 80-ish!) so I should be able to hold out until April.

So the warmer weather has brought lighter food. Here is the Happy Hen Salad from Vegan Vittles next to a spinach salad with a few olives on the side.

happy hen salad from vegan vittles

This one is Sweet and Sour Vegetables from A Vegan Taste of Thailand. Instead of eating with rice, I used rice noodles. Some weird ones I had hanging around in my cabinet. They were about 3″ square sheets before cooked. Then as they cooked they rolled up. I kind of was looking forward to the big, flat, square noodles, but they were probably easier to eat this way. No, your eyes aren’t broken. the photo is a little blurry. Sorry about that.

sweet and sour vegetables from a vegan taste of thailand