Falafel salad, out

The falafel salad I made a while back with the Trader Joe’s frozen falafel balls was totally inspired by the falafel salad you can get at Ali Baba’s in Little Five Points. Greens, tabouli and more covered in chopped up falafel balls, tahini sauce (ask for it instead of yogurt to make it vegan) and hot sauce. If you get the platter, you can choose a side. This time I got dolmas.

Falafel salad and hummus

Here’s another great use of those Trader Joe’s frozen falafel balls. Just break them up on top of a salad. Use tahini sauce as the dressing. We have a falafel hut here that has a falafel salad on the menu. It’s awesome when you’re feeling a falafel but not the bread.

What goes with falafel? Hummus! I just ate it with some tortilla chips. This one is home made all the way back to dried beans. Canned beans sometimes aren’t cooked soft enough. Cooking your own gets them as soft as you want. The top is sprinkled with sumac and a little olive oil.

Falafel and kale slaw

Falafel isn’t that hard to make, but when I saw frozen bags of falafel balls at Trader Joe’s and they were vegan I decided to try them out. These were really good. No complaints at all. I whipped up a quick tahini sauce to drizzle on top. It was tahini, hot water, garlic and lemon juice, I think.

The Kale Slaw with Red Cabbage and Carrot┬áis another recipe from the Whole Living Kick Start Cleanse. And another winner. Of course you pretty much can’t go wrong with kale. And this is another one that sticks to mostly seasonal produce. Also, it’s pretty!

This and that in NYC

Friday after breakfast, Kevin was busy with wedding stuff so I wandered around a bit on my own. I did a little shopping in Union Square.

After that, I hit up Mamoun’s for a falafel. $2.50??? What a bargain!

Then I headed back to the apartment to rest and get ready for the wedding. Somehow I managed to pass by Babycakes. Hmm…I wonder how that happened? Chocolate crumb cake and cinnamon toast loaf. Yum!

I didn’t take any pictures at Danielle & Matt’s wedding. There were professionals handling that. I’m sure the pics will be up soon. Meanwhile, the smile booth photos will give you an idea… Also, Leigh grabbed some pictures of the food.