Lazy Indian food

Remember how I said I haven’t been to the store? Well, I lied. Sunday evening I went to the Taj Mahal market just before I gorged on Ethiopian food. I bought some odds and ends, beans and spices, plus some ready-to-eat box food. They have quite a few varieties that are vegan, so I usually stock up on them when I go by there.

They came in handy because tonight I needed food. And still haven’t bought real groceries. So I pulled down a ravi dosa mix I already had on hand, a box of sambar (spicy soup) and a box of dal palak (beans & spinach). I know dal isn’t what you normally put inside dosa, but it ate up fine, so there.

Cooking the dosa

ravi dosa cooking

Sambar heating up. Really other than making a bunch of dirty dishes, this was stupid easy.

sambar cooking

Dosa ready for eatin’, one not yet wrapped so you can see the dal inside.

ravi dosa finished

The dosa mix was literally “just add water.” I couldn’t believe how easily and quickly they cooked up. Next time maybe I’ll make a proper batch of Indian potatoes to stuff inside. Or a sambar. Or even coconut chutney which is the only thing I missed this evening.

Oh yeah, and everyone wave to the dust on my camera sensor. “hi dust!”