Goatse potluck

That sure does sound appetizing, doesn’t it? Our potluck themes definitely seem to be escalating. I suppose it’s not going to stop until we’re all fighting over toilets, sinks and buckets to puke in.

So, the themed dishes will probably give you a good idea of what goatse is if you aren’t familiar. If you find yourself googling this, the result will be not safe for work, lunch, eyes, etc. You have been warned.

The is the beefy stew pot pie I brought. There was another one, but this one was the best. Lol at the carrot floater.

I also brought roasted delicata squash. But it wasn’t on theme. So good though. If you’ve been ignoring these in the market, you need to fix that. No peeling!

Back to the themed dishes…excellent use of the slashes on the sourdough. I can’t remember what was under the bread. An Italian pasta thing I’m guessing.

Uh, hollowed out corn muffins with chili, I think:

Now we’re going to get a little more abstract:

What horrible thing will we come up with next?