Poor Bunny

Tak was in the backyard while I was cutting the grass. During one pass, I noticed she had something. Turned out to be a baby bunny. Oh no! I got it away from her. It was a little brown guy about 6″ long. He screamed a couple of times when I picked him up, but stopped when he realized the big hairless ape wasn’t going to hurt him. He had a scrape on his bottom and he was bleeding a little from somewhere. I walked him over to the fence and put him just on the other side hoping his mama would find him. Plus, I think they live out there and not in the yard. He didn’t move and it almost looked like his butt wasn’t working. I walked away and came back in a couple of min and he was gone. So hopefully he was just waiting for me to go away before he ran away. Hope the little guy will be okay. If there’s an upside, I got to hold a little baby bunny! So cute!