Some collected random thoughts

  • Ina Garten made something vegan today. No really!
  • To the companion animal that keeps puking on my bed: please do that on the hardwood floors in the future. kthx
  • According to Paula Deen, fish “has no fat.” Um, okay.
  • So far, this election has been far more entertaining than I’d imagined. I’m not looking forward to Tuesday when it’ll probably narrow down to two.
  • They’ve made this whole blog customization crap way too easy. Why I remember when templates were so simple and bare that you had to fiddle with ’em forever to get them to look reasonable. Now it’s just grab, upload, activate. Select widgets. Done. I haven’t touched the code at all this evening. I’m getting soft.

Animal compression

As the weather gets colder, the animals pull closer and closer together, reverse big bang style. As I type this, Tak is shoved between me and the back of the couch, under a blanket. Possum is kind of on my lap in the crook of my leg. And Grover is behind me on the outside of the blanket on top of Tak. Girl kitty is not a lap kitty and is perched in a little ball on top of the back of the loveseat. I’ve seen her snuggling with Grover and I bet almost anything she’ll snuggle with Tak before she becomes lapcat. I’m happy to report that outdoor kitties have been using their dogloo, at least when it rains. I went out to feed them during a rain break once this week, and one came sauntering out of there.