A Sammich For Lunch

It’s a good thing I have a few pictures banked up that I can work off of for VeganMoFo. It’s been at least two weeks since I’ve gone to the farmer’s market so it’s been a lot of eating out,  quick store runs and eating down random food from my fridge and freezer. This week is going to involve a raw kale salad. I need it!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about making Vegan Dad’s lunch meat log. These logs have seen me through many meals. Most of them looked something like this:

Yep, that’s the lunch meat nestled between two slices of whole wheat bread I made. The problem with baking your own bread is that it will sneak itself into every meal if you let it. PB&J for breakfast! Lunch meat sammich for lunch! Toasted and buttered with Earth Balance along side dinner! Well, at least it is whole wheat…

Oh, remember the polenta fries? Leftovers made a nice lunch side. Much better than potato chips!

Adventures in Fake Tuna

A while back I picked up a package of May Wah fake tuna and tossed it in my freezer. I had to wait until Kevin went out of town to use it because I knew he’d hate it.

So last week, I busted it out and made a Tuna Salad for sammiches. I put in the standard tuna salad things: onion, celery, veganaise and I also tossed in some shredded carrot to sneak in a little more veg. It seriously looks just like tuna. But isn’t as fishy and doesn’t totally have a flaky texture like tuna. It’s still wheat gluten like.

So here’s my bachelorette dinner: tuna salad sammich and the end of a bag of frozen spinach mixed with cauliflower and peas.