It’s not dessert, but it might as well be

Okay, so the second recipe I tried from Veganomicon wasn’t a dessert, but it was indeed sweet like candy. The Sweet Potato-Pear Tzimmes end up glazed in a candy like coating from the mirin, maple syrup and juice from the pears. If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving size, definitely try this.

Sweet Potato-Pear Tzimmes

Tonight I made an old stand-by, Winter Squash Risotto from Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure. If you haven’t tried pressure cooked risotto, you need to. Stirring is for suckers plus this only cooks for 5 minutes. Squash, sweet potatoes…can you tell I’m eating in the season?

Winter Squash Risotto

Herbivore Magazine Release Party Tonight

Herbivore Magazine editor Josh Hooten will be in town tonight for an Herbivore Magazine Release Party at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe. The fun starts at 6pm October 8th and I hear a rumor that there’ll be nummy vegan treats there. Also, a portion of sales all day will go to Good Mews so you can load up on goodies and help kitties. Yay!