Baked pasta & cheese, Tex-Mex style

After making a pot of chili, I flipped back a few pages of The Happy Herbivore to the Baked Shells and Cheese recipe. One of the variation was to add a can of chili and make it a chili mac. So I just added a cup and a half or so of the chili to it. I’ve always been a fan of nutritional yeast cheezy sauces, but I don’t think I’ve ever made one that uses silken tofu in it. It made the sauce really creamy. Very nice. Apparently it’s like glue on plates though. My dishwasher wouldn’t get it off. I had to hand wash some of those dishes. The top is sprinkled with bread crumbs and a little Daiya.

Meanwhile, there was still chili leftover. It went on to become lunches and top grilled hot dogs. I really stretched that one out!

Chili and cornbread

Sometimes I’m smart about menu planning. This particular week, I decided to make a chili, then a chili mac. It cuts the boredom of eating the same thing for days on end. I chose the Chili sans Carne from The Happy Herbivore. There were a couple of weirdish ingredients, like curry powder, but I just went with it to see how it would be. And it worked out well.

There’s a law or something that says you can’t have chili without cornbread, right? This batch is the recipe in Veganomicon with a drained can of diced green chilies tossed in.

A little Daiya on top.

And you can see the chilies in the cornbread slice. I might’ve also slathered it in coconut Earth Balance.

Raw chili

This is the chili from Everyday Raw. I can be weird about mushrooms, but the amount of portobello in here is small enough that it didn’t bother me. The texture was a nice mix of crunch and soft and the taste was spot on chili. The recipe made a huge amount. I will try halving it next time I make it. I can only eat so much of strongly acidic foods like this.

Cakeapalooza potluck


The theme for this month’s Atlanta Vegan Lunch Group‘s potluck was Cakeapalooza in honor of Lisa‘s Birthday. It wasn’t all cake though. We made a pretty good well-rounded meal out of it. We brought zucchini frittata. A double recipe fills a half sheet pan like so.


And we also brought a lentil potato salad.

Note, if you’re going to mix lentil sizes, start the bigger ones cooking before adding the smaller ones. My small ones got a little mushy. But they ate just fine.

My plate full of tasty bits:


How adorable are these cupcakes? They came from a bakery we didn’t know existed.


Dessert plate!



Chipotle-kissed Red Beans and Sweet Potato Chili

No, I’m not done with the bowls but I did save some other posts to break them up a bit so it wasn’t bowl, bowl, bowl, bowl, bowl….

Slow cookers are awesome if you don’t know that already. You can turn dried beans into a big pile of mouth-watering bits to eat as is or freeze in batches to use in recipes. All without pot watching. Nothing better than getting home from work to find your kitchen already smells delicious.

This one is Chipotle-kissed Red Beans and Sweet Potato Chili from Robin Robertson’s Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. Look at that color! If you follow the recipe it’s pretty mild, so punch up the hot stuff if you like to feel the burn. And there’s only a little bit of oil in the whole pot so it’s pretty much just a bowl of goodness. Not pictured: unhealthy bread or corn bread slathered with Earth Balance.