Vegan Lunch Group at Harmony Vegetarian

This Sunday was the monthly gathering for our Atlanta Vegan Activity Group. Sometimes we have potlucks and sometimes we go to restaurants. This month we headed to Harmony Vegetarian for Chinese food. It’s on Buford Highway, so if you’re not normally in the area it’s a good time to hit up the ethnic groceries for specialized ingredients.

I knew when I got up Saturday morning and it was finally feeling like Fall that I was going to be all about getting soup at Harmony. The craving stayed with me until Sunday, so I got the Ham Noodle Soup. And it was exactly what I wanted. Nice broth, pink hammy chunks, veggies and oodles of noodles.

Kevin can’t get out of there without a Chinese Pizza. Here he’s finishing it up with his General Tso’s Chicken in the background. The nice thing about our main vegan/vegan-friendly Chinese restaurants, Harmony, Green Sprout and Chinese Buddha, is that they all offer brown rice as an option. Also for Atlanta folks, Ashley has put together a new website for Atlanta vegans: Check it out for information on the upcoming picnic in the park.  

Meet Local Vegans!

Even for those of us that live in big cities, it can sometimes be hard to meet other vegans. If your area doesn’t have some sort of meet-up type group for vegans or vegetarians, think of starting one! Or, you could always join one in the city nearest you and go hang out with them. I mean, it’s probably just once a month, so isn’t it worth the drive to experience the wonder of a vegan potluck?

In Atlanta, we have a group that meets once a month for lunch on the weekend. We either go to a restaurant or have a potluck at someone’s house or at a park. To give you an idea, a couple of things I remember making for potlucks: rose scented baklava and seitan chicken & waffles with chickpea gravy. Yeah. So if you’re an Atlanta area vegan, check it out.

And, Ashley Nicole is organizing a potluck picnic in Candler Park at the end of October. The last one rocked, so you should go!