Awesome birthday dinner

For my birthday this year, Kevin took me to Cafe Sunflower. It tends to be the default special occasion restaurant for veg*ns in Atlanta, but really it’s good any time. While not 100% vegan, there are tons of vegan options and the staff can help you figure out what’s what. Also, kind of rarity for Atlanta veg restaurants, Cafe Sunflower serves beer & wine.

We started with fried brussels sprouts in a sweet sauce. They’re fried, so of course they’re tasty. But I really like brussels sprouts so I prefer them steamed or roasted if I’m cooking them at home.

brussels sprouts

Kevin had one of his regular favorites, the stuffed acorn squash.

stuffed acorn squash

And I had the pepper crusted tempeh. Under it that’s romaine lettuce, potatoes and a balsamic reduction sauce, I think. All rockin’.

pepper crusted tempeh

And I don’t know if they’ve always had this lighting at the tables, but it’s very friendly to food blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

For dessert, I made my own birthday cake. It was a black forest cake and I utterly failed to take any pictures of it.

Acorn Squash Pulikulambu


Acorn Squash Pulikulambu
Acorn Squash Pulikulambu

Let it get below 80 degrees, and I immediately go into fall veggie mode. Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, stews, and soups are all on my mind. I also don’t cook enough Indian food, so this week I combined the two. This is the Acorn Squash Pulikulambu from Healthy South Indian Cooking. The dish was sweet and spicy, but not really hot. There was just enough tamarind to give a hint of sour. ย Even though this cookbook ย isn’t even vegetarian, there are a ton of wonderful recipes that are either naturally vegan or easily vegan. Plus they tend to be fairly healthy. Yummy and healthy, great combination!