Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, Take 2

Back in November, I tried making the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk #2 and while they tasted great, they didn’t rise properly. So I gave them another shot. And they came out perfectly. I was even 1/4 cup short of pumpkin, but just added a splash more of soy milk when the dough seemed too dry. I think last time I used a packet of yeast. This time I just used the bread machine yeast I keep in the fridge. Also, to make sure it indeed had a warm place to rise, I turned on the oven for a minute to 200 degrees F, then turned it back off and put the dough in there. I left the door open until it felt to be a good warm rather than hot temperature and left it in there to do it’s thing. So one of those things, or both, resulted in kick ass cinnamon rolls.pumpkin cinnamon rolls 

Spice Island Banana Bread

spice island banana bread

When Leigh offered up some fresh dates she got from a customer at the store (thanks!!!) I knew exactly what I’d make. This is the Spice Island Banana Bread from Passionate Vegetarian. The vegan option, of course. I’ve never used fresh dates when making this. They left these moist little date bombs throughout the bread. Even after baking 55 minutes, I was wondering if it still wasn’t quite done. But I couldn’t let the outside brown anymore than it had. I think part of the problem is that I of course hacked into it shortly after it came out of the oven. Hey, I was hungry! The second piece I cut (hey, it’s dinner!) was a little drier so I think it’s fine.

In other news, I’m now pretty well convinced that my super power is getting a crazy amount of shit home in my car. Today I got a kitchen cart, a fold-out sofa bed, mattress, cover, two side tables, an area rug, 2 curtain rods, two bags of miscellaneous stuff, a bag from the liquor store, 2 gallons of paint and another bag of stuff from Lowe’s into my car and/or hanging slightly or even a lot outside of it. The key is to never go anywhere without tie downs.  Fuck, now I guess I have to paint the 2nd bedroom and put together all this shit. I feel really, really tired all of a sudden…