Pet Peeve Time

The latest barage of Pizza Hut P’Zone commercials is really getting on my nerves. It shows dudes totally chowing on their $5 meal, holding the whole thing in both hands. This is a different commercial than the one they’re showing now, but you get the idea. Each dude has a whole one in front of him. Each guy is going to eat a whole one. So why is it that their nutritional information shows a serving as half an order? I know why. Because they don’t want you to know that if you eat a whole one, and I’m being kind by choosing the pepperoni one, that’s 1260 calories, 48 grams of fat and 3,160 mg of sodium. Wow, happy heart attack!


Control your own salt, or not

Apparently THE health story this week was salt and that the FDA is considering putting limits on the salt allowed in processed foods. I tend to have NBC on the TV while I’m getting ready for work. Occasionally, if I’m late, I’ll catch some of the Today Show. Whoever is in charge of their health reporting is not that bright. In my last rant about them, I pointed out that they took that “pregnant women need to eat more fish” study at face value even though it was funded by the seafood industry. Now, on this salt story, I didn’t hear them once suggest that you buy fewer processed foods. I wonder why that is? Is it maybe because it would piss off their advertisers? Hmmm, I wonder? Anyway, this U.S. News and World Report story makes “cooking from scratch” the first suggestion on how to cut salt out of your diet. Well, duh. See, now how hard was that? But it gets even better. Apparently this is a non issue anyway. Check out Junk Food Science’s detailed analysis of the issue.