Traveling Baked Goods

You know what that is? It’s a Cinnaholic bun. No, sadly, I haven’t been to the Bay Area recently. So how did I get this? Our friend Steph ordered some from them. You can do that! And she gave us some of her order in exchange for some Ronald’s doughnuts Kevin brought back from Las Vegas. This is what vegans do. I think it might actually be a bylaw in the vegan handbook that you must bring back vegan yumminess from other cities to your vegan friends. So through this bylaw I’ve experienced the two things already mentioned plus Mighty O Doughnuts, Voodoo Doughnuts and Vegan Treats even though I’ve never been to Seattle, Portland or┬áBethlehem, PA.

Have you had a goodie delivery? What did you get?


Breakfast at Atlas Cafe again

Friday morning we had breakfast at Atlas Cafe again. Hey, at least we tried different things, right?

This time I decided to try a savory crepe, the vegan unchicken crepe. I’m not sure what they use for the chicken, but I think it was one of the standards you can get in a grocery store. The salad was a nice touch. My only complaint is that the tomato stuff inside had little or no flavoring.

Oh, whoops. I guess I also got a blueberry muffin. Vegan Treats, I think.

I can’t remember what Kevin got. Looks like some kind of deli slices on there.

On the way to breakfast, we spotted this. So true.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

After lunch at Pukk, we chilled for a while waiting for a long night of festivities. Kevin went off with the boys to Wild Ginger for dinner, then Lula’s Sweet Apothecary then they met up with the girls. The girls headed to Soy and Sake for dinner, then Local 138 for drinks and games, then we met the boys at the Slipper Room for baudy entertainment.

At Soy and Sake I think we sampled most of the menu. Plates of food just kept coming out! I was really bad at taking pics this evening. Here is a nice assortment of some of the things we had.

This plate is very fake meat heavy. The restaurant space is gorgeous. And all of the food was good. The lettuce wraps might have been my favorite.

Next we grabbed some cabs and headed to Local 138. It has a back room where we had our party. The bartender was crazy slow, and possibly a little fucked up, but made a perfect martini. So I can’t complain. In the back room we played games and ate boxes of dicks. Delicious chocolate brownie dicks and vanilla cream filled dicks provided by Vegan Treats. Since they are, well, dicks, I’ll hide the pic behind the “more” tag in case you don’t want your screen filled with dicks when your boss walks by. Continue reading “Bachelor/Bachelorette Party”

Breakfast at Atlas Cafe

Wednesday morning, we looked at the internets at Cafe Pedlar. Then we walked over to Atlas Cafe for breakfast. I had the fake BLT on an everything bagel. The micro greens were a nice touch. The fake bacon reminded me of the peppered Tofurky slices. No matter, it was tasty.

Kevin had the strawberry banana crepe. Really good.

Hey, how ’bout a chocolate doughnut covered with sprinkles? Don’t mind if I do! Vegan Treats of course. Atlas has a bakery case stuffed with Vegan Treats.

And here’s the outside. One thing about New York is it’s amazing how much restaurants get done in small spaces.

After this, we stashed the computers back at the apartment and headed towards Chinatown. We passed a pickle shop. Saw some crazy accident or something that seriously fucked up traffic and had roads blocked off.

Then we just headed back on Bowery towards lunch. Lunch, I will cover in another post.

Treats from all over

September has apparently been the month that treats come great distances to end up in my pie hole. First it was Voodoo Doughnuts delivered all the way from Portland, Oregon. Here is Chik-o-stik and something coconutty:


Then Kevin was in Las Vegas for work. You know what Las Vegas means…Ronald’s Doughnuts! I was too busy stuffing a vegan boston creme doughnut in my face to take a picture, but you can check them out at that link. So, yeah, I’ve never been to Las Vegas or Portland, but I’ve sampled of their doughnuts. How cool is that?

But wait, I’m not done. Last week, Danielle brought us back these Vegan Treats cakes from NYC. Now don’t judge it’s appearance. It did get knocked around a little in its little container, but it ate up just fine.

Hooray for well-traveled, treat-totin’ friends!