Voodoo Doughnut delivery

Kevin has spent a couple of weeks working in Portland recently. After eating all their awesome vegan food, he brought back a pink box full of Voodoo Doughnuts to share with those left behind.

Ha! I just noticed Tak’s little photobomb. Let’s see what’s in here…

Covered with Coco Puffs? Check. The triangle doughnut is supposed to be a joint.

The Texas Challenge, next to a normal-sized doughnut for comparison.

It’s a little messed up, but this is the Portland Cream. I’m always going to head for the chocolate covered cream filled doughnut first.

“…how I love to lick your creamy center!” Bonus points if you recognize that quote.


Mighty Mighty O

Oh Hi case full of vegan doughnuts. Donuts. Whatever. We woke up too early the first day in Seattle. Well, some of us did. So Kevin and I headed out to pick up some Mighty O Donuts and coffee. And just as we were getting in the car Jared walked up to join us in the townhouse. So he piled on in for the journey.

So we got a dozen, plus a fritter. There’s pumpkin cream filled, regular cream filled, apple spice, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin, chocolate coconut, peanut butter chocolate and probably something else I’m forgetting.

See that chocolate coconut donut there? It’s called the “Don King.”

Sometimes you can’t wait the 15 minutes it’ll take to get back to the place. So I got an extra pumpkin cream filled donut. Honestly, I’m not a donut freak but since we don’t have vegan ones here I just had to eat a few.

And here’s a random Seattle observation: the must have accessory is a dog. All dogs wear clothes. That is all.


Donut Delivery from Ronald’s

Kevin just got back from Las Vegas, so that can only mean one thing: Ronald’s Donuts. You know they’ve got some vegan donuts, right?

I woke up Friday morning to this on the kitchen counter:

Uh oh. Let’s look inside.

Oy. And that’s after giving a bunch away.

Breakfast of champions fat vegans:

Mmmm….apple fritter. And, same day I downed this Boston Cream:

I’m actually not super in to donuts, but there’s something about not having them available that makes them irresistible.

Treats from all over

September has apparently been the month that treats come great distances to end up in my pie hole. First it was Voodoo Doughnuts delivered all the way from Portland, Oregon. Here is Chik-o-stik and something coconutty:


Then Kevin was in Las Vegas for work. You know what Las Vegas means…Ronald’s Doughnuts! I was too busy stuffing a vegan boston creme doughnut in my face to take a picture, but you can check them out at that link. So, yeah, I’ve never been to Las Vegas or Portland, but I’ve sampled of their doughnuts. How cool is that?

But wait, I’m not done. Last week, Danielle brought us back these Vegan Treats cakes from NYC. Now don’t judge it’s appearance. It did get knocked around a little in its little container, but it ate up just fine.

Hooray for well-traveled, treat-totin’ friends!

Coming to Atlanta….Vegan Doughnuts!

Okay, so this is definitely a work in progress. But I thought I’d share a few shots of vegan doughnuts in development.

For some reason, yeast hates Kevin’s place. It doesn’t seem like it’s much cooler than my place, but dough won’t rise for shit there. Luckily, we happen to have a proofer now.


Kevin and the Magic Box
Kevin and the Magic Box

 And here is a batch of doughnuts in the magic box.


Doughnuts gettin puffy
Doughnuts gettin' puffy

And here are a few all fried up. They’re not perfect yet. We’ll get there.


All fried up
All fried up