Pumpkin Bundt with Maple Glaze

A couple of weeks ago we had a big ‘ol vegan Thanksgiving to send off a friend to Ghana since she was going to miss it. We had all the appropriate goodies like Tofurky, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. It was a huge carbfest! The best part is that we get to do it all again when real Thanksgiving rolls around. Woo hoo! I brought an apple pie and this Pumpkin Bundt with Maple Glaze.

It’s a veganized version of this recipe. I used flax seeds for a couple of the eggs and vegan sour cream for another couple. Then I just added a bit more soy milk to make up for the 1 less egg’s worth of eggy sort of stuff. And subbed maple syrup for the honey in the glaze.

So I’m going to try and participate in VeganMofo this year. That’s a post about vegan food every weekday for the entire month of October. Oy. We’ll see how that goes.

Sometimes you just need chocolate cake

Eating healthy raw food is great, but sometimes, about one week a month, a girl just needs some chocolate cake. So while we had a lovely, healthy raw dinner of Sunflower Seed Paté on celery sticks and Gazpacho from Raw Food Made Easy:

sunflower seed pate


Afterwards, there was cake. I had bananas I needed to use so I asked the interwebs about chocolate banana bundt cakes. I found Memmaw’s Vegan Chocolate Banana Cake. To make it even more chocolaty, I made a half batch of the ganache from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and drizzled it on top. The cake is moist and lovely with little chocolate chip bombs throughout. I like the texture but will warn you that it’s slightly non cake like, or at least not what you’d expect in a bundt. Maybe it’s all that banana. Anyway, it’s good, but if you’re looking for light airy cake, this isn’t it. This is moist, fudgy intense chocolate yumminess.

chocolate banana bundt

I still dig Vegan Italiano, especially for quick food. The Fusilli with Beets is practically instant beyond cooking the pasta. Obviously these aren’t fusilli, but I liked the idea of little beet cubes ending up inside these guys, so that’s what I picked up.

pasta with beets

And it took me a while, but I finally busted into Healthy South Indian Cooking. It’s been sitting around here for a while waiting for me to get to it. I finally got to Taj Mahal Market last week and picked up prepared Rasam and Sambhar spice mixes just to make life a little easier. This is the Carrot Sambhar and it was lovely. And I even had to leave out fenugreek seeds because I didn’t have any. I used to so I’m not sure where they ran off to. Anyway, it was bright, lovely, complex, not terribly hot. Enough dal to give it some substance, but not so much that it gets heavy.

carrot sambhar

And the “Butter” Tofu made another appearance.

butter tofu

Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake

Seriously, how long did you think I was going to wait before breaking in the bundt pan? Apparently not much more than 24 hours. This is the Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake from Veganomicon. And it’s a very forgiving recipe. I actually ended up being short on sugar and probably subbed about 1/4 cup of brown sugar for some of it. I was also probably short a little bit of lemon zest. And then we have my fun-loving oven that decided to pop up by 100 degrees during the first 20 minutes of baking. I turned it down twice and never was able to get it all the way down to the suggested cooking temperature. No matter. It came out moist on the inside, lightly browned and a little bit crisp on the outside. I suspect the crispiness will go away once it cools which is always what seems to happen. But I love that the crazy oven temps didn’t ruin the cake. And just look at it!

coconut lemon bundt cake from veganomicon

Time To Bundt

Look what I found at Ross for $15:

cathedral bundt pan

Yep, this the cast aluminum fancy one that normally sells for $25+. Especially nice since I didn’t have a bundt pan and need one. Well, needed one in the way that I need to have a big ol’ cake sitting around my house, which is not at all. But still, I can’t wait to try it out. Watch this space for future experiments in cake building.