Black elephant xxx-mas potluck

What’s a black elephant xxx-mas party? At Star & Simon’s, it was like a white elephant party but with random XXX gifts thrown in. Much to the surprise of some party attendees. We brought regular and porn gifts. Hilarious! And we stuffed ourselves with awesome food like we always do.

A Gutenfleischer’s roast wrapped in puff pastry, biscuits, and gravy is hiding in a crock pot.

Mac & Cheeze, sushi

Rice paper rolls and peanut sauce

Mr. Gunn’s seitanic casserole

And here’s my fatty plate.

There were desserts too but I failed at taking pictures of them for some reason.

Sushi Sushi!

Look, we’re eating out again! I do miss cooking but there’s just been too much other stuff going on lately. That’ll get worse before it gets better. And then I’ll be doing more cooking than ever before. I’m sure I’ll bitch about that too.

Kevin and I hadn’t been to RuSan’s for sushi in a while. Sure, I know that if you’re a fish-eating sushi snob, RuSan’s isn’t all that great. But as a vegan, it’s fantastic! I love ordering lots of different small things and putting together a meal that fits your tastes and appetite.

I started off with potato yakitori.

And then had three different sushi rolls:

I don’t think I’d had the Kaiware Daikon (radish sprout)  Maki before. Tasted very cleansing. I can see getting it every once in a while.

Tempura Spinach Maki. See, you can justify eating something fried when it’s spinach, right? Right?

I get the Avocado Maki almost every time.

Others that are in my rotation: teriyaki zucchini maki, tempura tofu maki, tempura banana maki, inari nigiri, and some others I am forgetting. See, lots of vegan options!

A new year

I just finished up banana pecan waffles and apple sausages Kevin made me for breakfast. Yummy! It tasted even better because I got to sit here and look at the internets while waffles magically formed and landed on a plate next to me. How cool is that?

Last night we joined up with Taylor and Beth and headed to get sushi at Sushi house Hayakawa. The owner is a former MF Sushi Bar chef. While they ate fishy bits, we had a bunch of yummy vegan rolls, edamame and seaweed salad. Our favorite was the pumpkin tempura roll, on the ends in the pic. Oh, the chef also gave us these marinated shiitake mushrooms that were amazing. Taylor and Beth ordered roasted gingko nuts so we got to try those. They’re hard to describe, but I could see myself busting open piles of them and chewing on the soft centers. I bet they can be had on Buford Highway. I’ll have to look. 

New Year’s Eve Jill & Tony came over and played Wii while I kept falling asleep. I blame the sake and the beer. Yeah, all one of each. Pfft, lightweight. Anyway, it was a nice mellow end to the year. And somehow, despite having my house broken into and watching my 401k dwindle, it was a really, really good year. And 2009 will be even better. We have plans…big plans. Mwahahahahaha!

Oh yeah, and today is this blog’s 8th birthday. Awww!

Quick, Lazy Lunch

I didn’t have any leftovers today for lunch. Luckily there’s a grocery store nearby that has veggie sushi. It always tastes pretty fresh and is one of the more healthy things you can grab really quickly. And, it just got healthier — they now make some with brown rice! I can hear a certain someone making gag noises as I type this. Quiet, no one is making you eat brown rice! Yet!

Sorry the pic is kind of crappy, but the natural light coming in just isn’t hitting it at the right angle and we refuse to turn on the overhead lights in my office. It’s a web cave tradition. Note my super cool Apple mug in the background that I got way back in 1994 when I worked at Kinko’s in San Francisco. Wow, I just realized how old that mug is. Lalalalalala!