The pie potluck

Yes, yes we did. Pies savory and sweet. Pies, pies, pies.

I made the Scalloped Potato Pie from Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites.

And, the Gingerbread Apple Pie from Vegan With A Vengeance.

More pie goodies…. quiche, I think.

Frito Pie


My plate o’ pie

Of course there’s a dessert plate. Duh. Steph made two different ice cream pies. Both needed to be tried. Plus the gingerbread apple pie. With ice cream. *BLORT*

Random consumption

The internet connection is slow here at the rental in Seattle. So I’m just going to clear out the last few bits off food I uploaded before we left Atlanta to one post so I can make way for the piles of noms had on the trip.

A quick dinner of May Wah chicken legs with buffalo sauce, baked potato and corn.


Thursday and Friday last week I had work meetings at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. Nothing on the lunch buffet was vegan, but the kitchen whipped this up for me: tofu on a bed of garlicky potatoes and vegetables. It was pretty good!

Thursday night, Kevin stopped by Healthful Essence on the way back into town from Alabama. My plate full of delicious, from two angles. Seriously, you should try this place.



French White Bean and Cabbage Soup

Apparently I’m really excited about Fall and Fall foods. My last photo upload into wordpress was pretty much all bowls of food. Soup, stew, chili. Maybe I’ll get them posted before Vegan Mofo starts so I don’t have to rename the blog “Look at this bowl of crap I’m eating!”

Dried beans have been on sale at Kroger so I stocked up. They’re not that useful unless you cook them. So I soaked and slow cooked a pound of white beans. Now it’s time for a white bean party. The internets told me about this recipe for French White Bean and Cabbage Soup. I just realized when I looked up the recipe for the link that I totally forgot the parsley and liquid smoke. It was good anyway, but I have one more serving left so I’ll add those goodies and see if it becomes Next Level. This is the kind of soup that might make a good stand in for the traditional sick day chicken soup. Nice and brothy with just enough potato and bean for it to be reasonably filling. That grilled cheese with Daiya on the side helped with that also.

Oh yeah, I’m working on getting my blogroll back up. I lost it when I switched hosts and am trying to recreate from my Google Reader feeds. I’ll probably go up in pieces so consider it a work in progress.



Masala Dosa

If you’re ever in the mood for quick and tasty Indian food, it’s only a box of dosa mix away. I keep a box or two in my cabinet for these occasions. No, the mix doesn’t come out exactly like the dosa you get in a restaurant, but it tastes good and is close enough for lazy food. I usually end up using more water than the box calls for in order to get the batter thin enough.

This is the recipe I used for the potatoes. There’s even a recipe for the dosa if you’re feeling not lazy. And look, it’s healthy, I ate a bunch of broccoli with it.



Sushi Sushi!

Look, we’re eating out again! I do miss cooking but there’s just been too much other stuff going on lately. That’ll get worse before it gets better. And then I’ll be doing more cooking than ever before. I’m sure I’ll bitch about that too.

Kevin and I hadn’t been to RuSan’s for sushi in a while. Sure, I know that if you’re a fish-eating sushi snob, RuSan’s isn’t all that great. But as a vegan, it’s fantastic! I love ordering lots of different small things and putting together a meal that fits your tastes and appetite.

I started off with potato yakitori.

And then had three different sushi rolls:

I don’t think I’d had the Kaiware Daikon (radish sprout)  Maki before. Tasted very cleansing. I can see getting it every once in a while.

Tempura Spinach Maki. See, you can justify eating something fried when it’s spinach, right? Right?

I get the Avocado Maki almost every time.

Others that are in my rotation: teriyaki zucchini maki, tempura tofu maki, tempura banana maki, inari nigiri, and some others I am forgetting. See, lots of vegan options!