Mighty Mighty O

Oh Hi case full of vegan doughnuts. Donuts. Whatever. We woke up too early the first day in Seattle. Well, some of us did. So Kevin and I headed out to pick up some Mighty O Donuts and coffee. And just as we were getting in the car Jared walked up to join us in the townhouse. So he piled on in for the journey.

So we got a dozen, plus a fritter. There’s pumpkin cream filled, regular cream filled, apple spice, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin, chocolate coconut, peanut butter chocolate and probably something else I’m forgetting.

See that chocolate coconut donut there? It’s called the “Don King.”

Sometimes you can’t wait the 15 minutes it’ll take to get back to the place. So I got an extra pumpkin cream filled donut. Honestly, I’m not a donut freak but since we don’t have vegan ones here I just had to eat a few.

And here’s a random Seattle observation: the must have accessory is a dog. All dogs wear clothes. That is all.


Donut Delivery from Ronald’s

Kevin just got back from Las Vegas, so that can only mean one thing: Ronald’s Donuts. You know they’ve got some vegan donuts, right?

I woke up Friday morning to this on the kitchen counter:

Uh oh. Let’s look inside.

Oy. And that’s after giving a bunch away.

Breakfast of champions fat vegans:

Mmmm….apple fritter. And, same day I downed this Boston Cream:

I’m actually not super in to donuts, but there’s something about not having them available that makes themĀ irresistible.


Today I’d like to give thanks for the fact that there is such a thing as a mini doughnut pan. And that someone has worked out a vegan doughnut recipe. And that I wasn’t too hungover this morning to put the two items together.

Here they are all nekkid straight out of the oven. I had pretty good luck getting just the right amount of batter in the pan. Only a couple started to muffin top on me. I doubled the recipe and ended up with 36 doughnuts. I only have the one pan and had to bake in 3 batches. The last batch was definitely more spongy and air-filled than the first. Keep in mind if the holiness bothers you.

nekkid mini doughnuts

For these I used the glaze in the link above.

glazed mini doughnuts

And for these, I used the chocolate ganache recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.

chocolate mini doughnuts

Don’t you wish you’d saved room?