Recipes in your inbox

There are so many different ways to get vegan recipes these days. The easiest is to just search Google. Sometimes you want an endorsed recipe, so you ask your social networks. Maybe you follow some blogs for ideas, subscribe to magazines, buy cookbooks. There’s also the good old fashioned email newsletter subscription. Emailed recipes usually take advantage of in season ingredients which makes it easy to go back and find a group of Thanksgiving appropriate recipes in your email archive, for example. If you hate the idea of more stuff in your inbox, move along now. That’s all this post is about. But if you’re always looking for new recipe ideas and don’t mind a bit of mail, here are a few options:

The Vegan Culinary Experience: This is my favorite. It’s a monthly pdf magazine with articles, interviews, reviews and a ton of recipes that follow a theme each issue. July’s is The Hot & Spicy issue [pdf]. Ancho Vanilla Coffee, Plantains with Chile Ginger Sauce, Sundried Tomato Jalapeño Poppers, Torture Chili and more ranging in spice from mild to eat at your own risk. So many butthurt opportunities here. And the recipes are always interesting. Subscribe here.

Meatout Mondays: This is an oldie but a goodie. I think I’ve been subscribed forever. Every Monday you get a recipe and usually a product review and an article. These recipes are usually pretty easy to prepare and made of easy to find ingredients. Some recent issues included recipes for Southern Sweet Tea Salad, Berry Tapioca Parfaits, Cosmic Cashew Kale, Citrus Tofu & Pineapple, etc. Sign up here.

VegKitchen Recipe of the Week: Cookbook author Nava Atlas shares a recipe a week with links to many more archived on her website. Some recipes from the summer issues: Cool As A Cucumber Soup, Black Bean Tostadas, Composed Quinoa Salad Platter, Israeli Couscous Summer Pilaf, Spanish Vegetable Stew, etc. Subscribe here.

Vegetarian Times: You don’t have to subscribe to the magazine to get recipe emails from Vegetarian Times. They have a Dairy Free & Vegan Recipe of the Week email but I’m actually signed up for the My Vegetarian Times newsletter which is kind of a digest with links to multiple recipes. They have a few subscription options so just choose what makes sense for you. Sign up here.

VegNews Recipe Club: Get a weekly recipe from VegNews. And you may want to sign up for their monthly newsletter. It seems to contain different recipes. Recent recipes: Spinach Thyme Soup, Mango Coconut Sorbet, Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce, Garden-Fresh Ratatouille, Pear & Fig Tart, etc. Find the newsletter sign up in the navigation on the right side of the site.