Teese Pizza

The past couple of weeks, I haven’t had a chance to get over to Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market like I normally do every week. So I’ve been living off of freezer food, occasional Trader Joe’s or grocery store quick stops for essentials, etc. This pizza was one of those meals. I had some pesto, fakeroni and Teese in the freezer. So all I needed for pizza to happen was a crust. Trader Joe’s to the rescue! They sell dough balls in the refrigerator section for $1.19. A cheap and easy pizza solution.

With all the Daiya posts lately, you would think that I’ve completely forgotten about Teese. The Teese mozzarella style works really nicely on pizza. I didn’t feel like washing my grater (see, lazy), so I just sliced it thinly and then cut into sticks and scattered them over the top. They still melted up nicely.