Pre-made vegan bahn mi in Atlanta

One day at work I found myself lunchless, so I ran over to Return to Eden to pick up something. They used to have these awesome fake turkey salad sandwiches that disappeared a while ago. I keep hoping they’ll come back. Instead, I found this:

Oh, hi there. Dare I risk mushy bread? Of course I had to get it. For science! It wasn’t too bad. Yes, there was a little bread mush. The tofu itself was kind of bland. And I was completely without sriracha, which is a necessity here. But it was a reasonable attempt.

Now, Sevananda has started putting out vegan bahn mi with their pre-made sandwiches and wraps. But like the parfaits, they aren’t always there. I haven’t had one yet, but will try one and make a blog about it, at some point.